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Tuscola County Mosquito Abatement - Mosquito's and Disease

Arbovirus Surveillance

Mosquitos transmit a variety of diseases which make people and other animals ill. Because many of these diseases cannot be cured after they are contracted, early detection through Surveillance and prevention through treatment are the only ways to control them. The following are the most commonly encountered mosquito borne diseases in the thumb region:


Occurs in swampy, rural areas, Birds can be severely affected Mortality rate in horses is 90 to 95 percent, Mortality rate in humans is 50 to 70 percent


Occurs in urban areas, Birds are not affected. Most severely affects older and younger age groups with mortality between 4 to 20 percent.



Both diseases involve a mammal reservoir as opposed to birds. Jamestown Canyon is quite commonly detected in Michigan mortality rate in humans is much lower than other types of encephalitis.

TCMA monitors for the presence of Encephalitis, including West Nile Virus, through adult mosquito collections and dead corvid (crow or blue jay) samples. Samples taken throughout the County are tested “in house” or sent to special laboratories. If a potential for human involvement is detected, the site can be treated accordingly.

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