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Quick Reference Mosquito Key

Mosquito Key
  • 1) Examine mouth parts
  • 1a) Palpus as long as proboscis, dark spots on wings = Anopheles spp
  • 1b) Palpus shorter than proboscis- 2
  • 2) Examine end of abdomen
  • 2a) Has pointed abdomen, cercus extended- 3
  • 2b) Has rounded or blunt abdomen, cercus retracted-4
  • 3) Examine size of mosquito
  • 3a) Large mosquito, 1cm in length = Psorophora spp
  • 3b) Smaller mosquito, more commonly found = Aedes spp
  • 4) Examine size and coloration
  • 4a) Larger relative to other mosquitoes, posses hairs on wing viens near thorax = Culiseta spp.
  • 4b) Relatively smaller, uniform color = Culex spp.
  • 4c) Proboscis has stripe, pepper colored wing scales = Coquillettidia perturbans
  • 4d) Small dark mosquito with metallic blue head scales = Uranotaenia sapphirina
Larva Diagram
Tuscola County