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Mosquito Abatement

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Treatment Information

Tuscola County Mosquito Abatement strives to provide the public with detailed, up-to-date information about our organization, as well as about the many ways we are trying to enhance the quality of life in our county through integrated pest management.


  • Kimberly Green - Director
  • Gavin Greer - Biologist
  • Larry Zapfe - Equipment Technician


Mosquito hatches occur at different times throughout the year and vary greatly depending on the weather. Due to this we do not follow a specific schedule for treatment.

Residential Treatment

Certain areas of the county may have a localized mosquito problem. Mosquitoes may even be breeding on your property. If you believe you have such a problem and would like information about residential treatment, please call the office.

Other Districts

Bay County Mosquito Control

Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission

Midland County Mosquito Control

Professional Organizations

American Mosquito Control Association

Michigan Mosquito Control Association


1500 Press Rd
Caro, MI 48723

Phone: 989-672-3748

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